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"Therapist is extremely excellent, got my pain, (pains in hip and leg) to decrease. Will be back. "
Apr 12, 2019
"Very good experience. Had trouble lifting arm over my head. Now I can move my arm readily. "
Mar 27, 2019
"Thoughtful consideration of my experience. Roberta took the time to listen to what I was feeling and adjusted the regimen accordingly. I have quite a few exercises that have helped already and I know will only help more over time. So Grateful! "
Mar 22, 2019
"Very Professional, friendly and attentive to the needs of their patients and especially because they are bilingual and very affable. It was a pleasure to be assisted as a patient. Thank you M3PT."
Mar 21, 2019
"My experience at M3 has been great. When I first came in I was constantly feeling my shoulder and massaging it because of the pain. Now I am comfortable at the gym doing routines with weights again and my shoulder pain is mostly gone. The exercises and therapy has helped me improve quickly. They are also considerate of my time and accommodate my schedule. "
Mar 14, 2019
"Dr. Lona is great and helped my back pain. The rest of the staff at the clinic is helpful, fun to talk to and know what they are doing. Dr. Lona gave great exercises to reduce my back pain and get me back to playing golf one day. "
Mar 07, 2019
"Back to my normal self, you guys were great and helped me tremendously. Started with severe pain and now at a zero! Perfect, so happy with the level of service, care, and professionalism. Thank you, a million times."
Feb 22, 2019
"I did very well with physical therapy. Roberta helped a lot and I am feeling better with my knee pain. "
Jan 28, 2019
"It was difficult at first doing the exercises, but now I feel very comfortable with them and they help my back pain. "
Jan 24, 2019
"After participating in the exercises recommended, I have no more pain in the bending over or from side to side. Thank you Roberta. "
Dec 28, 2018
"I have a shoulder injury that had been bothering me for months, not only was it painful with certain movements but also impacted my ability to sleep well as I would wake up at night. Dr. Raul has been very thorough in his approach to eliminating the pain for the most part and I returned to playing golf with only slight discomfort. The exercises that he has provided are allowing me to strengthen that area, as I continue to see improvement. Thanks to the entire staff in the office for their help. "
Dec 28, 2018
"I feel extremely better leaving my therapy than when I first came in. Highly recommend Roberta and M3 Physical Therapy. "
Dec 28, 2018
"GREAT! Roberta the physical therapist is outstanding! "
Dec 05, 2018
"My experience M3 Therapy has been extremely helpful for my particular problem of a foot drop. I've improved in balance, leg cramp reduction and with my new foot drop brace I walk with out any problems. My therapist, Nicole Bartels, (the girl with the pleasant smiling face) was very professional and informative while going through the therapeutic process, my sincere thanks."
Nov 29, 2018
"My first time at physical therapy and I couldn't have asked for a more caring, efficient therapist with Roberta. She helped me so much and took the time to explain the exercises. She went above and beyond taking excellent care of her patients. It's been a rewarding experience. Also, Amanda was excellent in her job. If I ever have to have physical therapy again, I would come here. Thank you so much! "
Nov 02, 2018
"Feeling much better. Therapist is knowledgeable, kind, easy to communicate with each time I came in. So glad I found this place. I can now sit in a car, go to a play or movie and sit for the entire show! Came in for my back and ended up having my knees also worked on, both are now feeling better. Front desk is very nice and helpful. Highly recommend M3 Physical Therapy. "
Nov 01, 2018
"AMAZING!! Beyond our expectations. Everyone is so polite and caring. Mom and I thank you so very much for everything you've done for us. GOD BLESS!"
Oct 26, 2018
"During my 17 visits at M3 Physical Therapy I have improved in this period of time more than I have since 1990. I highly recommend my therapist, Roberta Brehm, and I intend to return with any future needs. "
Oct 16, 2018
"Prior to starting physical therapy I had severe pain, N/T & weakness in my right arm and was unable to perform surgery without symptoms. now I am able to return to the operating room with confidence and can perform long complex surgeries without symptoms. I would highly recommend M3 Physical Therapy to any of my patients. M3 gives you the time and attention you need to get you back to work and having fun! "
Oct 01, 2018
"Exactly 5 months ago on this day, I blew out my left elbow due to a motorcycle accident and had it completely rebuilt. My first visit with Raul, I could not bend my elbow, wrist and most of my shoulder. Thru steady determination and under the guidance of Raul over the past 4+ months, I depart M3 Physical Therapy way ahead of where I thought I would be. Raul and his wonderful staff create an environment that I believe expedites the healing and recovery process. I can't thank all of them enough!"
Sep 20, 2018
"After my M3 physical therapy I am able to walk better now than the first time I visited M3. My core strength has never been stronger, I can now stand, bend over and touch my fingers to the floor. when i do experience any back pain I can use the exercises and stretching that I have learned at M3 to ease my pain. I highly recommend M3 for anyone seeking physical therapy. Thank you so much Dr. Brehm! "
Sep 13, 2018
"I came in 3 weeks after a surgery in late May repairing torn hip cartilage & resurfacing bone tissue. As an active 32 year old who enjoyed running & strength training, my limited mobility was maddening. I was limping when I walked & it hurt just to stand more than ten minutes. Nicole, Steph (x2!) Max, Dana & the entire M3 team have been amazing. Knowledgeable, supportive, flexible & kind, just 2 1/2 months later I am finally able to start running again with no pain! Their personalized guidance & thorough attention to detail have made all the difference! You guys RULE!"
Aug 24, 2018
"I was a total wreck before being completely put together by Raul. First, my frozen shoulder left me without the ability to drive. After two months with Raul, I was able to lift as if nothing had happened. And then my discs and osteoporosis occured. Again, masterfully, Raul put me back together. My constant, brutal pain evaporated over a period of three months. Raul is a combination of tough and compassionate-focused, amazingly diagnostically and someone who doesn't let the client off the hook. He's a model of what care should be."
Aug 16, 2018
"I was told by a friend to go to M3PT who had her knee replaced. Raul and his crew saved my knee! Not to say it wasn't painful but good healing pain! I would never have pushed myself as hard as they did but if I hadn't gone here there is no way I would have gotten back 100% of my mobility. I can now do everything and more than before my surgery & rehab. Do not go anywhere else these people are miracle workers!!! "
Aug 14, 2018
"I arrived at M3 w/ a sore shoulder and concerns I would need surgery to use it for activities I enjoy: kayaking, surfing, home improvements. Dr. Nicole did an excellent job assessing my shoulder issues and coming up w/ a progressive, easy-to-follow regimen and, along with Max and Nicole's staff, helped me follow it. Two months later, my shoulder feels like new and I can resume my activities w/ no concerns."
Aug 10, 2018
"Side effects from an operation resulted in me being bedridden for 7 weeks. When I finally was able to get up, I was not sure I would ever walk again. There was also significant weakness in my left side. In-home services brought me back to being able to get around with a cane, but there remained significant issues, such as neck pain in looking from side to side, in raising my left arm, weakness on my left side, and maintaining balance. My in-home physical therapist (who was excellent) said she refereed all her patients to Dr. Raul Lona. His office is at least double the distance from my home as other physical therapists. But given the high recommendation I decided to give it at least one appointment. And what a miracle that appointment was! When I walked in I couldn't raise my left hand any higher than my face. When I walked out, after only 20-30 min of therapy (the rest of the time spent in the evaluation and documenting my goals), I could fully extend my left arm above my head! The remainder of my time with Dr. Lona was equally rewarding, although not always as dramatic. After 20 sessions over 4 months I am completely recovered in all respects. From difficulty walking to be able to walk for 2 whole days at Disney World with my daughter! I felt in the hands of someone with a deep knowledge of the human body, how it is supposed to operate, and how to get it fully functioning. Equally important to the results in Raul's attitude of positiveness, personal attention and deep concern for his client's welfare (also reflected in the attitude of his staff). He is always gently encouraging and deeply aware and understanding of the physical discomfort sometimes associated with therapy. I am thankful that I went to M3, and would not go anywhere else should I need services again. I strongly recommend this clinic. "
Aug 02, 2018
"Before coming to Physical Therapy, I had lower back pain. After, my pain was gone and I had a full recovery. Nicole Bartels was my therapist. She was very attentive, provided solid support, and detailed instruction. Overall, I am very pleased with my results. "
Aug 01, 2018
"Had serious pain in legs & occasional spasms, esp. in knees as result of a fall 11/16. Exercises & therapy have helped considerably, no night pain, less daytime discomfort. And Mariko was always professional, cheerful, concerned and responsive! "
Jul 31, 2018
"I presented with some pain and stiffness. Nicole evaluated and we proceeded with exercises that resulted in definite improvement. I appreciate that I have exercises I can do at home to maintain the improvement. "
Jul 25, 2018
"WHAT A GREAT EXPERIENCE! Raul knows so much and all the people are friendly and personable. I initially came for help with my lower back pain. When I came, my pain level was about 8; today it is generally around 2. Quite an improvement. I am back to walking, sitting much more comfortably and a general sense of ease. Hurray!"
Jul 11, 2018
"I came to M3 Physical Therapy with extreme pain in my hips wherever I walked, or even lay in bed. Raul and his team treated me and prescribed an exercise routine that brought me back to absolutely painless walking and working out at the gym. Plus dark chocolate. Nice people and totally effective."
Jun 14, 2018
"Before I came I had terrible pain when sitting. I would say the pain in my back was a +10. After the first visit I had a little pain but nothing like before I came. (Maybe a 2). It was unbelievable how the terrible pain disappeared after my first visit with Raul. Almost completely. Now I once and a while have a pain for a second."
Jun 12, 2018
"When I first arrived at M3, I had little/no feeling beyond my knee and much pain. Through exercises, Raul helped to strengthen my right leg from toes to thighs creating my regular gait again. I also learned the importance of balance in creating/developing a steady walk. The staff and Raul have been kind and very professional."
May 31, 2018
"Mari and her staff (Joy, Steph, Max, and Stephanie) were great. My entire 3 months I was receiving physical therapy at their facility. Had an overseas trip in the middle of getting treatment from them and they were great about getting me ready to go on it and scheduling around it. Would highly recommend going to them for any Physical therapy needs!"
May 31, 2018
"After a nerve injury resulted in loss of strength and muscle atrophy in my left hand and arm, my neurological specialist sent me to Raul at M3. By adhering to a rigid physical therapy routine of specific (yet tedious) exercises, I soon began to see significant improvement. Raul's recommendations definitely jumpstarted the process of rebuilding muscle strength and grip from my fingertips to my shoulders."
May 24, 2018
"I had a bad fall a few months ago. I was in agony. Thank God for M3 Physical Therapy. All the therapists are amazing and the staff is friendly and caring. I was given a series of exercises to do at home. I actually look forward to my sessions. I recently recommended M3 to a friend who has been suffering from back pains for 3 years. After his 1st session I recommended, he was rewarded with the results. Thanks M3!!!"
May 08, 2018
"I had trouble getting up and kneeling on the floor before. It was hard and painful at first, but as time went on eventually I was able to do their exercises. Form and adjustments are stressed for maximum results. One-to-one, it's like personal training!"
May 07, 2018
"Excellent! Trouble sleeping & sitting due to severe pain in lower back & leg. Exercises have helped tremendously. Thank you for caring M3."
May 03, 2018
"When you know that you are in good hands, you recover quickly. Before coming to M3, I struggled walking. Each step hurt. After my phase at M3, now, I am back to running, jumping and ready to play professional soccer again. I am pleased to experience M3 Physical Therapy."
May 03, 2018
"I had a very nice experience with M3 Physical Therapy. When I came here first, I had a lot of pain in my knee and the back of the knee. Raul worked very hard on my knee. He gave me massages and other treatments, now I am feeling much better, almost pain free. I will recommend M3 Physical Therapy to my friends. The staff is also very helpful. "
May 02, 2018
"My activities have increased since starting PT I have more strength and increased endurance to sit, walk, and do normal every day activities with decreased or no pain. Raul Lona and his staff have provided exceptional and professional service. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of PT. "
May 02, 2018
"M3 Physical Therapy helped me reach my recovery goals after having a right medial and lateral knee meniscus repair on a complete tear. I'm grateful for Raul and Nicole for their professionalism and support during my PT sessions. Thank you to all of you! (Annabel too!)"
May 02, 2018
"My lower back and leg pain has decreased considerably. When and if pain occurs the intensity is minor in comparison to what it once was. I have better mobility. My legs have become much stronger. I have learned how to use my legs - not my back. The doctor was very thorough with his explanations and a pleasure to work with. "
May 02, 2018
"With the help of Chris Hisamune and M3 Physical Therapy, I was able to get through a long recovery from a knee surgery. Chris was supportive and encouraging through the process. I learned exercises to rebuild my strength, that I would not have known to do on my own. I am very thankful to the friendly team at M3 Physical Therapy and am happy to be walking again!"
Apr 25, 2018
"Walking was hard due to RA and achilles surgery. After all the help Nicole did for me, I am doing so much better. I have become more human, yeah!!! She has really helped me, and the staff have been so easy to work with. Thank you all! "
Apr 11, 2018
"I've had chronic pain through my right arm for years and seen many physical therapists. Raul has been the most knowledgeable therapist I've worked with and has helped me manage my pain. "
Apr 10, 2018
"M3 is the 3rd physical therapy facility I've experienced in my life. M3 has the important balance of intellectual, ability to clarify in layman's terms, and grounded authentic and compassionate presence, ability to be totally there for you with all due respect for personal boundaries. Special thanks to Mari, the therapist assigned to me, and her assistant Sarah, and also the front office contact Stephanie, who always set a cheerful, positive, and personable tone for each visit."
Apr 10, 2018
"My experience has been great. I've been given tools to work with to lessen my pain (exercises)."
Mar 26, 2018
"I had a partial knee replacement on 01/22/18. Prior to the surgery, my knee would give out and I was unable to cross my leg without the knee catching. Following a brief course of in-home PT, I entered M3PT. From the start of PT, my knee felt better. With the guidance of my Physical Therapist, Nicole, my knee flexibility improved as did the strength in my knee. Through their treatment, I was able to resume all of the activities I enjoy much sooner than I expected - just 6 weeks post surgery. The entire staff from Stephanie, Max, and especially Nicole created a very welcoming environment that encouraged me to look positively to PT. Thank you all for a great experience as I was very apprehensive. "
Mar 26, 2018
"Very polite and helpful. They listen to your complaints and develop exercises to deal with the aches and pains we describe. Good group to work with."
Mar 15, 2018
"Everyone at M3 Physical Therapy from the receptionist(s) to my therapist (Nicole) was wonderful. Before I began PT I could barely lift anything, I couldn't dance, I couldn't stand and give a lecture to my students. Now, I can do all those things. My exercises are all things I can do in my home (with resistance bands). Although I'd rather not, I can lift a 24 pack case of water which is extraordinary. I feel stronger, much more confident and capable. As I age I'm certain I'll be returning."
Mar 15, 2018
"Before coming to PT, I was experiencing tenderness, soreness, and several discomfort due to whiplash. I have been here twice before and I always choose Chris. He really finds the source of the discomfort and quickly begins relieving the pains and discomforts associated with areas being treated. Moreover, I find his instruction towards avoiding injury and keeping myself in proper posture to be very rewarding. Everyday I can hear Chris reminding me to maintain proper posture, keeping my spine in optimal position, and my neck to avoid stiffness and overall make my day to day life more enjoyable."
Feb 07, 2018
"I absolutely Love, Love, Love M3 Physical Therapy. The staff is amazing, my physical therapist Mari is very knowledgeable about the body and understands exactly what is needed for each individuals circumstances. Parking is easy, they validate and make your experience enjoyable. I highly recommend M3 Physical Therapy."
Jan 31, 2018
"I absolutely love this facility from the warm welcome to the fond farewell. Everyone is so friendly and professional! Stephanie is so wonderful upfront, Max and Joy are so very kind and caring and Mari is just absolutely the most wonderful, knowledgeable and caring therapist ever! I really wish I could continue working out here even when my sessions are complete."
Jan 10, 2018
"Raul and his staff were not only excellent, they were curteous, friendly and had a great sense of humor. Very necessary when you're in the healing mode. Raul also also answered all mt questions in terms I could understand. If EVER I have to go back for PT, hands down, this is where I will come.!"
Nov 20, 2017
"Complete change from not being able to do my normal activities to being back to my normal activities without difficulty. I am so grateful and appreciate the dedication to my individual needs."
Oct 18, 2017
"I fell and hurt my left shoulder, when I came for physical therapy I was totally unable to move or lift my arm. Ms. Mariko is my therapist. I came to see her last year for the first time and has such a wonderful experience, that I came back for another injury I had. She is very kind, patient and has such gentle hands, my therapy was very painful but with her experience and knowledge she made it very smooth for me. My daughter was her first patient from my family about 3 years ago, and my daughter highly recommended Ms. Mariko. I am very happy and everyone here is really kind and made me feel at home. Thank you very much, Great Team...and thank you again to my wonderful therapist, Mariko!"
Jun 27, 2017
"i have been extremly satisfied withe the treatment"
Jun 26, 2017
"Mariko, my Therapist is absolutely wonderful. She gives great massages and she's pleasant an makes me laugh even when she pokes me in my sore spots. My shoulder feels so much better. She is caring, kind and sympathetic. The office is clean & neat. The staff is knowledgeable and help."
Jun 02, 2017
"My shoulder pain is now gone. Thanks to Raul who treated the problem and strengthen my shoulders and back to prevent future problems. He gave me online link for home reference for my exercises. I actually printed those exercises out so I can exercise during my travels. This place is wonderful. The staff are very nice and responsive to patient needs. 5 star all the way!!!!"
May 18, 2017
"M3 Physical therapy helped me tremendously! I had severe ankle pain when I started and they got me back on my feet with minimal pain and I was walking much sooner than I imagined!! No more pain in such a short time!! I highly recommend M3 Physical therapy!"
May 08, 2017
"As my first experience with physical therapy i have to say it was much more than i expected. I received excellent care, advice and exercises that have given me the tools to continue to strengthen both of my arms. The entire staff, Raul, the PT, Claire the receptionist and Christian the young assistant were all so friendly and made each person feel very welcome. Raul always made me feel like I was the only person there even though there were several there. It as like visiting friends and I will miss the large heating pads and pulsing pads. Would definitely recommend M3 to anyone in need of Physical Therapy."
May 06, 2017
"My elderly mother fell and hurt her back and we were referred by her doctor to the West Hills location. Claire, Christian and Raul were outstanding. Kind, considerate and made her feel very comfortable. Most importantly, they did an outstanding job. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of their services."
Apr 10, 2017
"M3 Team is fantastic. Raul knows what he is doing . His approach is always backed with body mechanics and science.Don't hesitate to choose M3 for your PT need."
Apr 08, 2017
"When I started here i was unable to walk more than a 1/4 mile without considerable pain in my right knee caused by a lower back problem. Chris Hisamune evaluated my issue and started therapy which has resulted in my being able to hike again and get back to the gym. But beyond that Chris advised me on body mechanics and ways to strengthen my core to support my back. I consider his tutorials as body/life lessons that will help me stay pain free. I am so fortunate to have found Chris and M3. Stephanie and Ray are great office support as well. Thank you all!!!!"
Apr 05, 2017
"Excellent care and people! I'm sure Mari was tops in her class as her diagnosis and therapy (both with her at M3 and when I did the prescribed exercises myself at home) allowed me to experience daily progress towards my health and fitness goals. Thanks to her good work I'm able to be back at the physical activities that are such an important part of my life and well-being. Everybody else at M3 was also super-friendly and attentive to my needs and goals. Thanks again to everyone!"
Apr 05, 2017
"The staff at M3 did an excellent job. They are very helpful and courteous. Through exercise, massage etc., The physical therapist Raul and his assistant Christian helped me get to a good level of strength and mobility in a very short time after my knee replacement surgery. The office manager Claire helped me through the entire process. I would strongly recommend this organization."
Mar 29, 2017
"Great staff and great service !!! Everyone is very amicable. My physical therapist, Chris was very professional and friendly. I highly recommend this place !!! :)"
Mar 29, 2017
"I was happy to go to Raul. He helped me."
Mar 22, 2017
"When I first started physical therapy, I was not able to do many simple things like walking normally. It was hard to get in the hang of things at first, but the last session I had I felt so much better and it was so easy to do so many things I thought I wouldn't be able to do. At the end of it all, I am surprised to see how much I accomplished."
Mar 21, 2017
"The people in the office demonstrate a positive insight in dealing with the patients. Not found in all offices. They keep patient at ease mentally which helps the exercises to be performed more easily (though there are plenty tough ones) positive reinforcement by all employees make the exercises seem to flow easier."
Mar 10, 2017
"The service and care provided by this facility was outstanding. I will not hesitate to return if I needed medical services. Thank you for everything."
Mar 10, 2017
"Mari and staff were terrific. Mari walked me through all the steps, keeping me on target, answering all questions and giving me guidance in a most positive way."
Mar 09, 2017
"Chris is great and very helpful!"
Mar 07, 2017
"Chris was exceptional..gave me excellant advise and awareness for better posture and support for my neck...the excersize for my neck i will try to do everyday 3x's a day to avoid future strain and pain. Your staff/receptionist are aware of your name as u enter and this makes u feel that u r important...i appreciate their friendliness and comfort. thank u"
Feb 23, 2017
"Just over all great."
Feb 21, 2017
"I enjoyed my physical therapy very much!"
Feb 08, 2017
"Good experience. First time i've had lasting results from physical therapy."
Feb 01, 2017
"The best word I can think of to describe my experience at M3 Physical Therapy ("M3 PT") is "excellent." From the on start of my treatment, the supporting staff was always courteous, friendly and very efficient. Happily, waiting time to start my therapy was as never more than a few minutes, a major plus for those with a busy work schedule. My therapist, Raul Lona, is a super star. My therapy sessions were never rushed and Raul took as much time as needed to thoroughly and clearly explained the nature and purpose of my treatment. Most importantly for me, my care and treatment at M3 PT was a total success. Two and a half months after a total shoulder replacement, I had regained most of my range of motion with little or no discomfort. It was very obvious to me that Raul truly cared about my physical well being and by doing so, obtained an optimum result. A special thank you to Stephanie for her gracious assistance in scheduling my appointments. In conclusion, I fully endorse and recommend M3PT due to the outstanding professional services that I received at their facility."
Jan 27, 2017
"M3 Physical Therapy in Westhills is a wonderful facility. His front office staff is lovely and Dr. Raul Lona is outstanding. Kind, skilled and a wonderful bedside manner. The facility is spotlessly clean and it is a pleasure to go there. My body feels better and I feel like I am making progress. The attention to detail in this office from the cleanliness, music, soothing pictures on a screen are all designed to relax you and make you comfortable This is truly a "state of the art facility". I would say that this is an exemplary office and would highly recommend them to family and friends without thinking twice."
Jan 23, 2017
"Great practice."
Jan 13, 2017


“Chris explained everything thoroughly regarding my issues and told me exactly what I needed to do to take care of myself when I was outside of therapy. He showed me the precise exercises to do at home and demonstrated how improving my posture while doing certain movements helps me in general. The front desk staff couldn’t be nicer or more accommodating. Excellent service overall!”

“Treatment included a great combination of massage, electrical stimulation and exercise. All staff were friendly and well-trained. Cindy was very knowledgeable, caring and a good communicator. I am now pain-free and have exercises that will help in the long-term.”

“I loved how professional and courteous all the staff were, while also being so friendly and personable. Cindy was great in analyzing my problem (both my acute pain in my shoulder and long-term pain in my knee) and creating exercises and stretches that varied in movement and intensity. I loved having Cindy work on me and work out the knots, but also learn about my body and take home “homework” stretches and exercises to do at home. I am much more mindful about my body and am confident that I will be able to start working out again soon, while incorporating my new regiment into my workouts as well. I’ve recommended M3 Physical Therapy to all of my friends and have also become a huge advocate for Physical Therapy in general as well!”

“Mari was outstanding! – the sessions helped a lot but the instructions for home work and attention to form will help me sustain the benefits gained from the sessions.”

“Everyone was very welcoming and knowledgeable. I always felt comfortable and look forward to my visits. I not only got to know everyone, but they got to know me as well. Everyone was very encouraging.”

“Raul was wonderful. Patient, took his time with me, explained things clearly, listened well. Really, I couldn’t have asked for a better PT. Thank you.”

“My therapist listened and accurately heard what my needs were and executed a plan that met my needs. I would definitely come back and I always recommend M3 Physical Therapy.”

“Everyone was very, very nice and attentive. I had an amazing experience here and would recommend anyone if they are in need of physical therapy.”

“My treatment by Mari was excellent and she did fabulous work. I would recommend her anytime.”


“The support staff was very supportive and friendly. Raul really worked with me and understood how my symptoms affected my body and daily activities. I had interviewed a few physical therapy centers prior to deciding on M3 Physical Therapy and I’m quite happy with my treatment and outcome”.

– LT

“Chris: This has been the best physical therapy I’ve ever had! With all my thanks,”

– PW (patient)

“Many thanks to Mari, Stephanie, and Chris for always being great!!! I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive team during my short time here. Without them, I’d be hobbling around like an old woman still.”

– JY (former patient)

“Overall my physical therapy and ultimate recovery was a pleasant experience. I was amazed by the skill and knowledge of Raul Lona, who was determined and dedicated to ensure that I would recover quickly without any lasting ill effects. I would highly recommend Raul and WLPT to anyone in need of physical therapy and would return myself in the event that I require these services again in the future.”

– MD (former patient).

“M3 Physical Therapy truly understands their patient’s needs. The entire staff is extremely friendly and helpful. Raul, my PT, put together a program that evaluated my specific needs, which ultimately lead to my recovery. The plan was challenging yet feasible. I would recommend WLPT and Raul to any individual needing physical therapy.”

– CF (former patient)

” A true pleasure coming to WLPT. I really appreciate what Mari has done for me and my back!! Thank you very much.”

– SH (former patient)

“Thank you for helping me. I feel stronger and hope to continue the exercises that will continue to improve my muscles”.

– AW (former patient)

“Raul is the finest, most thorough, physical therapist I have ever encountered”.

– FB (former patient)

“Chris has helped me to correct a sway back I’ve had all my life and my balance making me stronger. I will not hesitate to recommend your organization to anyone”.

– JM (former patient)